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The jaw-dropping Masked Ball of the Venice Carnival, Red Carpet walk at the Venice and Cannes Film Festival to Premieres at the Royal Opera House and at La Scala in Milan.


We are a luxury full-service event coordination and styling company that serves only the most discerning and imaginative customers. 

Our team operates in perfect harmony to elegantly and masterfully bring forth the essence of your unique story. With immense dedication and attention to every minute detail, we strive to actualize your vision and create an event that is nothing short of extraordinary.

world class entertainment owen wilson minapirella events

The Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival in Europe and one of the ‘Big Three’ film festivals, alongside the Cannes and Berlin International Film Festival. 

Founded in Venice, Italy in August 1932, the festival is part of the Venice Biennale, one of the world oldest exhibitions of art, founded by the Venice City Council in 1893. 

We host traditional events such as dinners, film launch parties, press junkets for the films attending the Festival, but also special projects tailored on specific needs for brands or individuals that want to maximise exposure and brand awareness. 

world class entertainment owen wilson minapirella events

We design  dinners signed by Michelin star Chef & events with top international talents.

Minapirella Events offers a strategic visibility opportunity for brands wishing to sponsor exclusive events starring top talents and filmmakers in an exclusive and funky context. 

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world class entertainment mark ruffalo  minapirella events
world class entartainment  luxury party minapirella events
masked ball carnival of venice luxury party minapirella events
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The Carnival of Venice (Italian: Carnevale di Venezia) is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy, since 1296.  


The joyful and incognito participation in this ritual of collective disguise was, and still is, the very essence of Carnival.


Everybody is part of a large masked stage, in which actors and spectators merge into a single and immense procession of figures and colours.

venice carnival luxury events minapirella
masked ball carnival of venice luxury party minapirella events

The mask and the disguise make the person live another identity and abolish any form of personal belonging to social classes, sex and religion.

We can help you be part of this experience or custom your birthday party or wedding to the essence of the Carnival of Venice.

masked ball luxury party minapirella events
masked ball luxury party minapirella events
masked ball venice carnival minapirella
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Planning an anniversary, a birthday party, an engagement or a wedding day? We capture pioneering moments of your life that last forever. It could be a ceremony on sandy beach at dusk in Ibiza or by the light of a thousand candles in a Palace along the Grand Canal in Venice. Fireworks by the Lake of Como. There are no boundaries for us.

Devoted to producing legendary events around the globe, we believe creativity opens spaces. Our purpose is to unlock the power of imagination to push boundaries and make your idea of event come true. 

We work on bespoke projects, every wedding celebration and private event is executed by our international team of luxury party planners.

We would love to hear more about your plans and reply to your questions you may have about our services.

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